Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our blog! We are so glad to find you here. As you already know, we are Made by Risch and we make amazing skincare products by hand. Our wonderful homebased company officially launched in June 2018, but has been years in the making! We aim to use this space to let you in on a thing or two about all things skin, selfcare and everything in between.

As we will share in upcoming blog posts, one of our most important missions this year is to spread awareness. The widespread movement for more conscious living is critical to the preservation and the protection of our planet for generations to come, and it is something we view as a serious responsibility. The amount of products claiming to be natural, environmentally friendly or organic that still contain ingredients not categorized as such is staggering. We’ve decided that a dedicated blog space gives us the perfect opportunity to shine light on this issue.

Our mission to educate the general public is not a new one. We’ve implemented a few campaigns on our social media platforms working toward this goal, and while we will continue to do this, we have noticed the amount of information rarely fits into the character limits! This blog will give us the character freedom to tell you all you need to know about our products, the ingredients we use and the practices we follow. We’ll also keep you informed of campaigns, new arrivals, contests, promotions and events.