About Made by Risch


We are a homeschooling family of 7: mom, dad and 5 kids, two girls and three boys, varying in ages from 17 years to 22 months. We live on a plot outside Vereeniging and enjoy the mini-farm life with 3 sheep (Wielie, Wollie and Walie), a cow (Blommetjie), 2 pigs (Babe and Dude) who have recently had a batch of 8 piglets, 2 ducks and a couple of chickens. We also have 2 dogs and 5 puppies.

I used to work in the formal sector as a Procurement Manager, but since being retrenched have been unable to find work. Which turned me into an entrepreneur, attempting various small businesses from home. I started Googoo Gaga – a soft play for hire company, and I am very blessed that it is quite successful.





I have always loved mixing my own creams, as the standard ones never seemed to really nourish and moisturise my skin. After years of experimenting and researching ingredients, I have finally achieved my goal: a rich, moisturising, nourishing cream that is easily absorbed and does not leave you with a greasy feeling.

Burnt bums are something I also know very well. My own tears have fallen many a times with my baby’s when changing a diaper (especially when teething!) and although most of the creams on the market helped, sometimes it didn’t. Again I mixed and experimented and researched and eventually developed a bum cream that not only soothes the irritation and burning sensation, but also supports the skin’s own natural ability to heal, and strengthens it, as well. After a light nappy rash, it helps overnight. After a more serious burn, it takes a day or two, and not only is the skin then healed, but stronger.


My third son developed eczema. Or allergies. We still are not entirely sure what causes his skin to break out in dry, itchy patches that sometimes gets so bad, it forms a raised, coarse scab-like patch. Again, nothing in the shops seemed to alleviate the condition. In fact, some creams specifically designed for eczema, actually made it worse.

Various medicines and creams prescribed by our doctor only lightened it a bit. So, it’s not just eczema or just allergies, but a combination of the two.

More research and experimenting followed. In my research, I learned a lot about eczema and skin allergies (you can read more about this in my article about Eczema) and what followed was a targeted approach to tackle each of these areas. The result is the washing powder, soap and cream. Since we live on a plot, and my son loves playing outside, I cannot prevent him from getting dirty, or wet. But with these products, the eczema outbreaks are almost non-existent, and we can keep it under control.

Every now and then he also wants to bath in bubbles, so we allow it. Of course, there is nothing worse for eczema skin than bubble bath, so his skin becomes very dry again and some patches form. We then simply apply the cream and after a couple of days, it is under control again. So, with these products my little man can still enjoy the pleasures of childhood (albeit less than normal skinned kids) without suffering too much.



The sheer amount of moms out there that struggle with these issues, have inspired me to sell these products. And Made by Risch was born. My hope is that my products can help moms out there to control these horrible skin conditions and watch their children also enjoy a (mostly) normal childhood. Unfortunately, the reality is also that it may not work for everybody. Eczema is still a very great mystery to the medical world, and although it is said that it does not have a cure, I am hoping for one!

And who doesn’t love an indulgent bath? So, I also created other products for my Made by Risch range, especially for moms (and dads) who crave those moments of peace and relaxation. These products also make excellent gifts, as we don’t always allow ourselves the indulgence of treating us with special bath products.

Our products are always developing, as more research and information comes to light. So keep an eye out for new products!

I believe that our products will enhance your life, as it did mine. Enjoy it, and every moment, with your loved ones. We are here by grace and live our lives in thanksgiving to the One who makes it possible every day.