Risch MagiClay – the famous Playdough 

MagiClay Playdough is simple, home-made dough that is completely safe for children to use – and creates hours of fun!!

MagiClay Playdough can be moulded and shaped, cut and formed into any shape the child’s imagination leads them to. It remains pliable for more than 2 years, if stored correctly, and does not even require any “warming up” as with other play dough. It is soft and pliable enough even for babies, and because only natural ingredients are used, it is completely safe should the child take a bite (by accident, of course!).

Please read the instructions carefully for use and storage, as well as the ingredients for any possible allergies.

Enjoy every moment with your child and MagiClay!!

Why MagiClay?

Motor Develpment

MagiClay is a play dough for children to play with. Playing is your child’s “work”. It is very important for children in their early development years (0-6) to play. And no, computer games does not count! Your child needs physical activity to develop all the muscles in his and her body, so they can actually use all of their bodies to the best of their abilities.

Playing outside, kicking and catching balls, jumping rope, hop-scotch, riding bike, etc. is all activities for gross motor skill development. This aids in your child’s brain development, muscle development and coordination and will eventually determine the success your child achieves on the sport field, and even just in general life.

Fine motor skills, on the other hand, is the development of the muscles in the hands and face. You use your hands every day, constantly. Doing tasks that you don’t even think twice about. But did you realise that if those muscles were not developed correctly during the early development years, some of these simple daily tasks, would not have been done so easily? Or even at all?

Developing the muscles in the hands are important as these muscles determine whether or not you can tie your shoes, hold a pen, or eat properly. The better the muscles in the hands are developed, the better the coordination of the child, the better the control over the hand and its movements, and – believe it or not – the better the brain functionality.

MagiClay is a simple home-made play dough that allows the child to exercise the muscles in the hands while trying to manipulate the clay. Because the clay is soft and pliable, the child can start playing immediately. Their attention spans are not very long, and if all the time of playing with clay is just to get it soft enough to play with – the magic of the clay is gone. Furthermore, Risch MagiClay comes in 10 different colours – all your basic ones: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, green, blue, purple, brown and black. While developing the muscles, your child can also learn their colours!

Emotional Development

Another, often overlooked, advantage of play-dough is the fact that it gives the child a platform to express his or her emotions. Art in general is such an important part of a child’s life, and we as parents need to nurture that. Children up until the age of 6 has a very limited vocabulary and are even more limited when it comes to expressing their feelings. Art is the perfect way for them to get their message across. With MagiClay, all the colours and the pliability of the clay, enables the child to express their feelings. And they can reshape the clay over and over, until all their emotions have had a turn on the table. They can even bang the clay to release pent-up anger and frustration, without damaging it. And without damaging or breaking other toys or household items to release these extreme feelings.

Why use Risch MagiClay? Because it moulds and shapes your child’s emotional and physical development, while they are moulding and shaping the clay, in all the colours of the rainbow!

Instructions for use and storage

The great thing about MagiClay – one of the many – is that you can simply start playing. No need to warm it up to get it soft enough to play with. Take it out of the plastic bag, and play!!  It can be moulded, cut, folded, sliced, rolled, punched, ripped and smashed, or gently, patiently and kindly shaped and carved into whatever you wish it to be. And with our range of 10 colours – only your imagination is your limit!!

To keep MagiClay Playdough soft, pliable and ready for play, simply put it back in the plastic bag once playtime is done. Close the bag as tightly as possibly, with as little air as possible in the bag, and store. Preferably in the fridge, but a cooler spot in the toybox or cupboard is just as fine. Direct sun might cause some damage to the dough, as it could sweat and become sticky or dry out much quicker.Should the clay become moist and sticky, just sprinkle with some wheat flour and knead through.

(DO NOT bake the Playdough)



Wheat flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, water, food colouring