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No more Nappy rashes

With our unique, tried and tested Baby Bum Cream, it is easy to take care of your baby’s bum. 


Happy Bums
Happy Baby

Carefully selected ingredients to keep baby’s skin healthy


With the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, it keeps your baby's bum free from harm

Shea Butter

Rich in oleic acid, this keeps baby's bum perfectly moisturized

Zinc Oxide

Forms a barrier on the skin to protect against burning, and it's anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties prevent and treat rashes

Bentonite Clay

Draws out impurities to prevent it from causing build-up and rashes

Get the best for your baby

Amazing Results

How our Baby Bum Cream has helped other moms

"This is so soft and easy to apply. And unlike some of the other creams that needs a thick layer to do their job, this Baby Bum Cream only needs a thin layer and it absorbs completely!"
"Did wonders for my baby’s bum! Literally only one rash in 2 years. Definitely recommend."
"Soft, easy to apply and lasts such a long time. Just when it looks like the bum might start to form a rash... it's gone! Really does prevent the rashes."

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