Baby Bum Cream

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We know you love your baby and you want to give him/her the very best. Our Baby Bum Cream is designed to  heal the skin after a nappy rash, and to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The special ingredients strengthen and repair the skin from the inside. It also provides a protective layer on the outside. This cream absorbs impurities and toxins to prevent burns, while carefully moisturizing to keep your baby’s bum perfectly soft.

Our Baby Bum Cream is also effective on other skin conditions that require the absorption of skin impurities and excess moisture, while preventing drying the skin out. This may be your feet or even your bum to treat piles.

It is safe to use on any part of your body, on a continuous basis. However, if there is any side effects from using it, please discontinue use.

Use our amazing Baby Body Wash and Baby Body Lotion with every bath, for healthy, moisturized skin.

Weight 250 g

250ml, 125ml

3 reviews for Baby Bum Cream

  1. Marista

    Did wonders for my baby’s bum! Literally only one rash in 2 years. Definitely recommend.

  2. Marista2

    Best bum cream I ever bought. It lasts like, forever! Great value for money.

  3. Kaylin

    I don’t have a baby, but this actually helped with my tattoo healing! Lasts for ages too.

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