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About Us

It's about family

Childhood dreams

Growing up I could never find creams that really moisturize my skin. For some reason it would absorb quickly – that was good – but after a couple of hours the effects would have disappeared and my skin would not only feel dry, but look it as well.

Since childhood I have had the idea of making my own soaps and creams, so I began my mission – to make a cream that will not only moisturize my skin, but that will leave my skin feeling and looking moisturized throughout the day. Over the years I have experimented a lot, researched some more, experimented even more, and eventually found recipes that does what I wanted it to do. And Made by Risch was born!


About Eczema

My third son developed eczema. It combined with allergies and sinus and that meant that nothing really worked. We tried everything!

So, my mission took a new turn: to develop a cream that will alleviate my son’s agony. Through years of trial and error and research, our Eczema Skin Restoring Cream was developed.

And it has proven successful! My son can play and even enjoy the occasional bubble bath – as long as he applies the cream on his skin regularly.


About Baby's Bottom

Burnt bums are something I also know very well. My own tears have fallen many a times with my baby’s when changing a diaper (especially when teething!) and although most of the creams on the market helped, sometimes it didn’t.

Again I mixed and experimented and researched and eventually developed a bum cream that not only soothes the irritation and burning sensation, but also supports the skin’s own natural ability to heal, and strengthens it, as well.

After a light nappy rash, it helps overnight. After a more serious burn, it takes a day or two, and not only is the skin then healed, but stronger.


Our products are always developing, as more research and information comes to light. So keep an eye out for new products!

I believe that our products will enhance your life, as it did mine. Enjoy it, and every moment, with your loved ones. We are here by grace and live our lives in thanksgiving to the One who makes it possible every day.

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