Eczema Skin Restoring Jelly

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Our eczema skin restoring jelly is 100% natural and is made from specifically selected ingredients indicated for the relief and improvement of the adverse effects of various skin conditions, like eczema.

The ingredients we chose help to restore the skin from deep inside, strengthening the cells, to reduce outbreaks naturally. Eczema can flare up on skin that is too dry or too wet, and therefore needs balanced moisturization. It forms a barrier on the skin to lock in the skin’s moisture, without keeping the skin too moist.

One of the big things that makes eczema so irritating is the itching. The affected areas itch, you scratch and before you know it, you have made it worse. We use very specific ingredients that calms the itching quickly and effectively.

With the calming effects of chamomile oil, our eczema skin restoring jelly should improve the skin’s condition within 7 days of continuous use.

It is safe to use on any part of your skin, including your face, provided you don’t suffer from acne. The strong moisturizing ingredients we use is perfect for eczema, but it might aggravate acne. The cream is safe to use long term.

If your skin condition worsens, discontinue use immediately.

Use our Belly Paste on scars and stretch marks to lighten and heal it.

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250ml, 125ml

2 reviews for Eczema Skin Restoring Jelly

  1. Marista2

    My son suffers from eczema and nothing has helped, like really helped. This cream has kept the itching away and keeps the outbreaks in check. He can even enjoy a bubble bath every now and then!

  2. Vincent

    A miracle – tried literally everything else ON THE MARKET and nothing worked. Felt really hopeless and honestly skeptical to try something else that claimed to work. I liked this brand’s honest approach to not being a cure but helping to alleviate the symptoms, and I promise you the whole family is SO thankful that it does actually help! Takes a bit of time and consistency but it will be better before you know it. Cannot recommend it enough.

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