Technical Oil

What is Technical Oil?

Technical oil, mineral oil and liquid paraffin – you have seen these names on many products in the ingredient list. They are all one and the same: it is made when crude oil goes through a process called fractional distillation. You can read more about the process in the articles attached.

Technical Oil Bubbles

Good or Not Good?

There are some who believe that this amazing oil is not good for your skin. However, there are more proof of the benefits of using technical oil, than there is for the bad. Personally, considering all the evidence, as well as personal experience, I find that it is safe to use on your skin as a moisturizer. However, I would strongly advise against using it on eczema or rosacea affected skin.

Baby oil, by the way, is perfumed mineral oil.

Properties of Technical Oil

It is non-acnegenic (does not cause or aggravate acne) and non-comedogenic, (does not clog pores). It is non-irritating, hypo-allergic, non-invasive, stable and an effective lubricant. Moreover, it is deemed chemically inactive, stable and resistant to high temperatures.

Furthermore, it forms a barrier on the skin, to prevent moisture loss. It is a very effective skin emollient. Its structure is too big to penetrate the skin, which is why it cannot clog the pores. Because it is so refined, it is safe to use on most skins – even sensitive skins. Like with any product, some people may be more prone to allergic reactions than others.

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Our Products

We use technical oil in our Body Oil, because of it’s amazing moisturizing properties.

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