Shower Gel


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Our Shower Gel is a natural soap that gently, but deeply, cleanses your skin. This natural formulation is SLS free, which means that it does not lather and foam like other products containing SLS. But it also means that your skin does not get soaked with the unnatural chemical called SLS.

You can also use our Shower Gel as a shampoo. It will thoroughly cleanse your hair and strip it from all built-up chemicals and hair products.

There is no colorants or fragrances in our Shower Gel, as that may also irritate or aggravate existing skin conditions. We use essential oils, which acts as a natural fragrance.

 It is safe to use on all skin types, even those suffering from skin conditions like eczema.

Although SLS has been classified as fairly safe, if you suffer from any skin condition, it will aggravate it.

Use with our Body Butter to keep your skin soft, supple and intensely moisturized.


Weight 500 g

500ml, 250ml


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